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In college I was given a camera and acess to the dark room. My photography was in its infancy. These photographs were mostly source material for drawings and sculpture. Minneapolis became my home after graduation and my career as an artist began with figurative ceramic sculpture. I spent those years tapping on the shoulders total strangers to become models. These photographs resulted in elaborate, fanciful creatures of my own personal mythology. Then came the day when one of my models asked for photographs that would get him into a model agency. Everything changed as the photographic image became paramount...

With my background in art history, drawing and sculpture I became best known for my ‘body work’ and cards. posters and calendars were published as well as the book ShadowLight which features my fine art figures. Articles concerning my work appeared in The Star Tribune and The Pioneer Press. My models were interviewed on KSTP and WCCO local television in connection to the calendars and a signing at The Mall of America.

Everything changed again when my models married and had children. Suddenly my subjects became families and those seeking portraits done by someone with an artist’s eye’ (and sense of humor). These shoots have always been comfortable and great fun; evoking laughter from both sides of the camera. Contact me to begin the adventure.

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